Assessments & Remediation

Circle Every Business Needs to Understand Their Cyber Security Posture

Every business needs to understand their

cybersecurity posture,
vulnerabilities and risks.

A cybersecurity assessment is essential to knowing whether your organization is prepared to face a wide range of cyber threats. We support companies just like yours to help them understand their current strengths and weaknesses, address any gaps in protection, and develop a roadmap for a better positioned future. 

CO Technologies specializes in assessing your overall cybersecurity posture and tailoring bespoke solutions that will ensure your company is a “hard target.” No two companies will have the same cybersecurity needs, as these vary based on factors that can include industry-specific regulations, organizational size, or types of data being stored. 

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Unique Cyber Security Needs Into Consideration

We take your unique cybersecurity needs into consideration and provide assessment services that are in line with your organization’s priorities. 

We can support a cybersecurity assessment tailored to your goals in order to help you identify vulnerabilities, assess risks and compliance status, and understand your ability to address security threats. Additionally, we can evaluate the security state of your organization against the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) frameworks to ensure compliance with existing standards and regulations. We can also provide support for SSP and IRP assessments. 

Following an assessment, our experts will work with you to remediate any gaps or weaknesses we find – providing controls and solutions designed to help you strengthen your cyber defenses. 

A cybersecurity assessment with CO Technologies will help you better protect your organization at a business-wise cost, with easy to implement solutions that quickly make a difference and lower your risk exposure. Take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity by knowing where you stand now, so that you can be even stronger in the future.

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