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Cybersecurity compliance is the practice of ensuring an organization’s data management and protection controls are in alignment with current industry and/or government standards and regulations. However, these standards and regulations are ever-evolving, expanding in number and complexity as new, more sophisticated cyberthreats emerge.

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Complaince Cloud for cyber security

Having a compliance program in place enables businesses to:

Eliminate gaps in protection, implement adherence best practices, and reduce the risk of data breaches, thus ensuring sensitive data is protected.

Operating in compliance with regulations:

  • Protects your reputation and your intellectual property
  • Increases trustworthiness
  • Reduces the risk of costly compliance-related fines
  • Demonstrates to customers that you are prepared to protect their information

It can be overwhelming for organizations to navigate the constantly changing sea of regulations on their own. It’s easy to find a consultant to advise you on compliance and cybersecurity, and perhaps provide you with a flashy report.

But you don’t need another expensive report, do you?
You need a trusted partner to assist you.

At CO Technologies we are not just advising; we are working alongside you to monitor today’s dynamic regulatory environment and support your compliance efforts.  We understand your compliance environment (whether CMMC, HIPAA, SEC, FTC, etc.) and the applicable standards (NIST, ISO, CIS, GDPR, etc.). We will work with you to assess and analyze your current level of compliance, and then assist in the implementation of needed security controls to bring your organization into alignment with existing standards and regulations.

As your trusted IT partner, we at CO Technologies strive to provide industry-leading compliance services, prioritized in terms of risk, impact, cost, and ease of implementation, always keeping our clients’ end goals in mind.

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Smarter IT and cybersecurity begin with a smarter conversation. Contact Us now to get started.